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Offering private lessons in Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY.

Since 2001, I have enjoyed teaching a wide range of vocal styles to singers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that sustainable, healthy, and satisfying singing can happen when students are well-informed and can experiment in a safe space where each individual's goals and expectations are respected and supported. 

Lessons are normally held in Midtown Manhattan or in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Rates and more information are available upon request.

Schedule a Lesson
View available lesson times and schedule today via my online calendar.
My Philosophy
  • My philosophy is based on teaching a healthy, efficient, and sustainable technique that can grow, adapt, and serve every singer for the duration of their lifetime. Just as our bodies continually change as we grow from child to adult and pass through the many stages of our lives, our voices must also continually adapt to whatever moment of our journey we are currently in. Sustainable vocal technique must therefore support continual renewal, adaptation, and refinement.

  • I believe that singers benefit from knowing their instruments inside and out, including a working understanding of vocal anatomy and function. Imagery and metaphors can certainly help students identify sounds and sensations, but they’re more effective when paired with science-informed, fact-based instruction that links sensation to physical action.

  • While my teaching is rooted in classical, bel canto technique, my methodology is flexible and adaptive to each individual student’s abilities and goals. Efficiency is the ultimate goal, no matter what genre of music you want to sing; all technique should support the most efficient use of breath, phonation and resonance.

  • Musicality, expression, and language inform our singing in the deepest and most profound ways. Our primal urge to communicate with each other is what drives us to sing. All of our work together in the voice studio is in service of expression through music. We build vocal technique to equip ourselves with an infinite palette of colors and tools to use in this expression.


  • My goal is to foster a safe and joyful environment in the studio, in which students feel empowered to experiment, take risks, dare to fail, and deeply explore. At the end of the day, we are our own best teachers. I hope every singer will come away from my studio with the confidence and tools to continue building and developing their own individual, sustainable technique to last a lifetime.

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